pavimenti palace avorio alfina avorio rosa antico Description of the Finishes:
PALACE:Flat surface with edges lightly rounded; multipurpose finishing.
MYTO: Surface lightly sunken with rounded and irregular edges.
NETTA: Rectified surface and edges for a contemporary and minimalist design.
ERA: Sunken and aged surface that presents deep veins and irregular edges.

Sizes: We realize all kind of sizes.

Floorings and coatings: Both Floorings and coatings can be made in several sizes that are all customizable; the finishes that most suit this kind of installation are PALACE, MYTO and NETTA.
Kitchen top and sinks: We develop the project done by professionals and we produce customizable kitchen top, according to the various needs and tastes of clients, following craftmade methods that give product a unique flavour. For clients who prefer modern design, we suggest PALACE and FRISÉ; for customers who are loyal to the classic style or a country design , we propose ERA and MYTO.
Shower trays and washbasins: For the construction of the bathrooms, we produce tailored shower trays and washbasins with artistic customizations through enamel inlays (suggested finishing: PALACE).
Fireplaces: To make warm one of the most important space of the home life, we create several design fireplaces based on clients’ dreams. ( suggested finishes : PALACE, MYTO , ERA).
Steps and thresholds:: We produce steps and thresholds in various sizes, also monolithic works until 250 cm, in order to give the space an exclusive and stylish look.
Tables:: We offer endless solutions , both for dimensions and for manufacturing that can be simple or elaborate with classic handmade terracotta or enamel inlays.
  top cucina myto grigio londra bianco massa moka marocco
  piatti doccia era avorio alfina noce bianco capri  
  camini netta rosa tenue nero assoluto  
  gradini e soglie   grigio sereno nero graphite  
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