linea classica
linea bellera
There are some great classics that never change and through decades become absolute points of reference.
The handmade Terracotta is realized with traditional clay of our area in different shapes and finishes. The colours change from honey to rose with shading effects that  are typical features of this kind of production thanks to the baking with wood.
Classica collection is evidence of the historical origin of our product because it is respectful of secular knowledge handed on from generation to generation.
A product for all purposes; indoor and outdoor floorings , coating, columns, roofs and attics.
What is so special about this collection?
Handmade terracotta realized with clay paste, as tradition. The clay is pressed in different shapes and finishes with a traditional manufacturing method. Bellera collection also gives the opportunity to choose between different shades of colours: panna, cioccolato, grigio and artica. Original design product for indoor and outdoor floorings .
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